Prevention and Early Identification resources

This page contains links to a variety of resources, support and guidance that have been produced by the National Respiratory Programme, or are central to its implementation

Cover of Prevention and Early Identification Toolkit

This is the main document covering the strategy and its supporting evidence base


Campaign materials

There is a range of images that can be used royalty free if they are used for campaign material for respiratory prevention and identification work


Older smoker men 55+ R&M men 35-54 (2) Tweens boy (1)
Older smoker woman 55+ (1) R&M women 35-54 (1)

Tweens boy (2)

Older smoker woman 55+ (2) R&M women 35-54 (2) Tweens girl
R&M men 35-54 (1) Soccer Player Woman aging


There are also formatted artwork templates for the various forms of material outlined in the COPD toolkit, from web banners, to 6-sheet posters.

The files to generate these are available inprepared in AdobeIndesign format, with the supporting files and logos. The fonts used are the Aller and Frutiger families.

A4 press 6 sheet poster Strip Press Ad
Posters Pull up banners

Web banners


Evidence base, activation plan and supporting documents



Resources and support from the National Respiratory Programme, managed by the Department of Health